The Sannox Cross

Part of the planned design of Sannox Christian Centre is the erection of Celtic Cross. The cross stands at the centre of the development and all measurements for the new buildings are taken from the cross. A few months ago one of our supporting churches offered to fund and construct the cross and I am pleased to say that the cross arrived and was erected on site on the 5th May 2016. The photographs show the cross being erected and in place. 

The cross is made from oak which is in keeping with the churches history and environment. The name Dundarroch Cottage, our accommodation building, means Hill of the Oaks. The cross is made using traditional construction using oak, hand-turned pegs – no nails or screws. 

Lachlan, an experienced craftsman, helped by Fraser and George, built the cross to a very high standard, brought it over to Arran and erected it. 

We feel that this is a significant step in the establishment of Sannox Christian Centre and the work God is doing here. It is a clear marker for Christ and His Kingdom on Arran and beyond. A marker that many will see as they pass by. Lachlan said that he and others had been blessed through the making of the cross. Our prayer is that many more will be blessed as they see and stand by the cross at Sannox.