Rev Scott Cameron, Minister of Stevenston High Kirk

The Celtic Christians are reported to have referred to certain sites as “thin places” because they reckoned that, in those places, the division between our world and Heaven was very “thin”. Some extraordinary experiences occurred in these places and the “felt” presence of God is very real.

Well, living in North Ayrshire means that such a place is (weather permitting!) accessible within an hour’s boat trip and a few minutes by bus or car up the east coast of the  Isle of Arran – sometimes known as “Scotland in miniature”. (The friendly bus driver will even drop you at the end of the lane, despite the fact that there is no official bus stop there).

Two of our members, who have become regular visitors to Sannox, can certainly confirm that they have experienced the gentle but awesome presence of God there. They have also attended many of the organised conferences and informal worship sessions and have gone on quiet personal retreats. Always, there has been a special sense of peace and fresh inspiration to “keep the spiritual fires burning” in seeking to live and experience more of the Kingdom of God in daily living..

David & Helen, along with myself and others from Stevenston High Kirk, would encourage you to go and, when you are there, find your own favourite spot to recharge your spiritual batteries. David’s is on the little bench at the beach, while Helen finds her own “haven” while walking in the nearby hills.

Rev Roy Searle, Northumbria Community
and former President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

The vision for Sannox Christian Centre on the Isle of Arran is inspired by the Celtic Saints who brought the light and hope of the Christian faith to Scotland and the rest of Europe. Drawing on that rich spirituality from the past, Sannox seeks to explore and help people discover the treasures of prayer, worship, hospitality and community in our changing world. Its been a privilege and joy to have journeyed and shared with those who have pioneered and established Sannox and I look forward to seeing the place and its people, from near and far, be a source of blessing to all who visit, stay, pass by or drop in.

pastedGraphic.pngDavid Hill
Founder and Director of “Try Praying”  

I’ve seen the development of Sannox as Christian Centre over the years, observed the incredible journey of faith and been there for retreats.  Go and visit.  You’ll love it!

Alistair Barton
Director, Pray for Scotland
Several years ago, before most of the renovations and development had started, the Pray for Scotland team visited Sannox for the first time and even then we sensed that this was a ‘special place’ – a place where you could meet with God in ways that were not possible elsewhere.  Since then we have had the privilege to see God’s plans for the Centre unfold as the Sannox team have journeyed faithfully with the vision, and to make a small contribution to the development.  There are many ‘key places’ in Scotland that God is using and will use to extend His Kingdom, and Sannox is one of them.  Prayer is a key foundation to the building of the Kingdom.  So we recognise the importance of Sannox in God’s plans for the nation.  Scotland needs Sannox and centres like it where the ‘ancient wells’ can be re-opened and the Spirit of God allowed to flow freely once again.  We encourage you to visit and encourage the team.  Equally important, we encourage you to get behind this project in prayer and practical support.  You will be blessed!
Zak Robb
Worship & Gatherings Pastor
Since beginning to take on leadership in church and with it finding Sundays more often being a place of giving out rather than receiving, my wife and I have often looked for places which give us the space to retreat, receive and meet with God together.  We finally got round to visiting Sannox in summer 2019, and absolutely loved it. From the moment you step on to the boat, you have to leave behind something of the “productive, hurried” rhythm of the day to day. On arrival you are greeted with the quite spectacular countryside of Arran, and to top it all off Sannox itself is such a thoughtfully and beautifully designed retreat centre. It is a stone’s throw from the beach, has incredibly generous space in each room, and the daily rhythm of prayer and worship is so helpful in reminding you to remain present to God and to yourself. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and am very excited to see it continue to develop as a place of worship and retreat. 
Crystal Cryer
National Coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Scotland
“I have been on the Isle of Arran a number of times, for camping or hillwalking. But this was my first visit to the Sannox Retreat Centre. I try to take some sort of retreat four times a year and an island is always my preferred place as there is something about the slower pace of life that facilitates that sense of retreat.
From the moment I stepped foot in Sannox Retreat Centre, the peace and presence of God were palpable. The natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and the sea just right there add to the awareness of God’s presence and help your soul to rest and breathe deeply.
I happened to be there during Storm Ciara so my retreat lasted a couple of days beyond what I had planned for but it was perfect! The peace and quiet within the house and the warmth of wood stove while the storm raged outside created a wonderful environment for God to speak more, work deeper within and cause me to rest longer. “He makes me lie down in green pastures…” I could not have asked for a better place to be stranded for a few days!
Sannox also seems to be a “thin place” as the Celts spoke of, not just for prayer, but for creativity as well. I have never written so much in such a short space of time in my life! It was wonderful!
I can not recommend Sannox enough as a place for personal or group retreat.”