Storehouse Fund

The last four years have been an amazing time for all of us where we have seen God working in a wonderful way, blessing the work at Sannox, preparing the way, teaching us and reshaping us. He has released resources to purchase Sannox, He continues to bless people as they come and the courses that have happened over the past two years have been amazing.

However, during this time God has been challenging us about our financial management. We had prayed money would come in when needed it and the fact that it didn’t come in to completely repay an interest free loan of £40,000 in March caused us to reach out to God to ask if we had got it wrong. In response God has said clearly that we must introduce good financial management; matching our costs to our current monthly income, improving our cost control and, in particular, allocating money from our new income to enable loans to be repaid when they are due. This plan is in response to that guidance.

To ensure that our costs remain under control we have asked Ken Burns, one of our Board Members, to act as cost controller.  This is a voluntary, unpaid position.

The interest free loans we received enabled us to purchase Sannox at a time when bank funding was not an option. We feel God has been saying to us that we need to set aside money each month to make sure we can pay them back. We believe God has shown us a way to do this but we need your help.

We have been blessed by people giving small donations towards the work of Sannox and through this we have been reminded that the work God has called us to do is the rebuilding of people not buildings.  In light of this, the concept of creating a way where as many people as possible could give small amounts into a fund seems right to us. So we have established a new fund – a Storehouse Fund – for God’s work at Sannox.

The key to the success of the Storehouse Fund is to ask each of you if you would consider helping us in two ways:

    •  Firstly, consider giving £10 per month to the Storehouse Fund
    • Secondly, consider sharing the vision with your friends, church, prayer networks and other organisations, with the aim of finding three other people who would be willing to sow £10 every month. We already know of people who are thinking of novel ways of doing this; eg inviting friends to a Sannox supper, presenting at your church with sign up sheets available after the service, etc. We can supply brochures Sannox Christian Centre Brochure  , information Storehouse Fund leaflet  and a power point Powerpoint presentation and of course there is the You Tube video –

Initially, we will use the fund to set aside money for the loans but, as an on-going part of the vision, it will become a well of provision that He will establish and use to bless the nations.We want to bless others and overflow into the community in a Spirit of giving. We pour in and God will pour out in communities, churches and ministries – all directed and instructed by Him
If you feel able to commit to the Storehouse Fund please complete the form below.  You may also wish to set up a standing order and consider gift aid

Storehouse Fund

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.



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