September 2021 – Prayer News

“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever.”  [Ps 107:1 NIV]

Regular readers of these prayer e-letters and attenders at our monthly prayer gatherings will have noticed that we spend part of the time ‘giving thanks’.  Thanksgiving is, or should be, part of our daily prayer times – it is a key part of building intimacy – our vital relationship with God, with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit.

Part of the Every Day With Jesus reading for 28th August says this:  “Thanksgiving is the bass note for God’s constant communication with us because the bass plays a powerful role in how we hear harmonies. When we hear several notes played at the same time, we hear them all relative to the lowest sounding pitch – the bass note.  It’s what helps us distinguish between music and noise.  It stands out by virtue of being an outer voice.  Being below all the others, the bass note gives the impression of supporting them all.  Thanksgiving does the same.

“A noisy world, constantly demanding our attention, produces a noisy mind.  A moment to pause and give thanks is our opportunity to draw near to God and find rest for ourselves [Matt 11:28].  A world in persistent pursuit of wellbeing needs help regulating life’s rhythms with moments of thanksgiving – thanks for God’s presence, for friends and family, and a knowledge that God accepts and loves it! [Ps 46:1]”*

Part of the Sannox vision is to be a place of rest, of establishing these all-important life rhythms, of connecting/reconnecting with God.  Even when we are not physically there, we can be part of this when we give thanks for what God has done and is doing in, with and through Sannox.  There is a dynamic power released when we do this together, so we look forward to joining with you again on Monday 6th September for our next time of prayer together.

*Every Day with Jesus July/August 2021 © Waverley Abbey Resources 2021

Lord, we give You thanks for…….

– a successful Arran Open Studios weekend (even though a couple of the artists due to exhibit were not able to attend), the contacts made and support generated;

– the first wedding in the renovated Church;

– our volunteers and the ongoing laying of new paths;

– the increasing number of day and residential visitors, and the many interesting and fruitful discussions that are resulting;

– the lifting of Covid restrictions allowing all rooms in Dundarroch to be booked and greater flexibility in the use of the Church;

– the recent approaches by folk who are sensing a ‘call’ to come and support the vision in different ways.


Please pray for…….

– the safe completion of the remaining paths;

– the Directors as they continue to plan for the launch of Project 200 – the formal launch date is now 4 December;

– guests to book in for October – a quiet month for bookings so far;

– funding for the Manse renovation, and for Stuart Carr, Director as he finalises the detailed plans for submission to South Ayrshire Council for amended planning permission;

– additional regular donors to lay a solid foundation in support of the general running costs;

– Dr John Higgs of the Joseph Rank Trust as he prepares his report to the Trustees Board following his visit on 21 July, and for that Board as they consider his report on 14 October;

– wisdom for the Directors as they meet with and pray about those who have made recent offers of help – that those who ‘come on board’ would clearly be God’s choice.


September prayer gathering

Our next Friends of Sannox prayer gathering is at 8.00pm on Monday 6 September.  Login details are;

Meeting ID: 882 2854 8391
Passcode: 441682


Project 200 leaflet

Although the Project 200 formal launch date is in December, there is available now an A5 size 4-page introductory leaflet giving general information about what Project 200 is all about.  This was available to those attending Arran Open Studios at Sannox and is now being distributed around the island.

If you would like some copies of this leaflet, especially if you are able to pass them on to friends, your church etc., please email Heidi at giving your postal address and how many copies you wish to have.


The Sannox Prayer

“Today I choose to stand in this place you have called me to,
And I declare that You are a Mighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Your Kingdom shall endure and will never be shaken.
Open the windows of Heaven and pour out Your promised blessings in this generation.
Revive us, restore us and heal our land.
Thank you for going before us to open the way and remove all obstacles.
Increase our Faith, stir up Hope and keep us grounded and walking in Love.
Thank you that You are creating a dwelling place for God and man here – in Sannox, on Arran, for the nations.

We bless you in the name of Jesus, to receive all that the Father has for you, and we thank you for your continuing support of His work at SCC.  Be blessed and protected in all you do for the Kingdom, in the mighty and beautiful name of Jesus.

The Directors of Sannox Christian Centre