Prayer News April 2022

Sannox Prayer News – April 2022

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.”   [Psalm 24:1-2]

We are in that time of transition, moving from winter to spring (though winter may not be completely finished with us yet!).  There have been some sunny, warm days and spring bulbs are flowering, bringing much welcome colour to gardens, parks and hedgerows.  Trees are budding, early crops are appearing, and lambs are gambolling in the fields – all signs of that ‘new life’ we associate with this season.

And in mid-April we celebrate once again the wonderful miracle of the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, a reminder of that hope and promise available to all – of a new life, an eternal life in the family of God and eventually in His presence forever!

The early Christians had a much keener awareness and consciousness of how the whole of creation was inextricably linked and of humanity’s responsibility to care for, to ‘steward’ the gift of God’s creation.  For them there was no separation between the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘secular’.   Since everything was created by God, so everything was ‘spiritual’ in that sense.

So as we welcome the longer (and hopefully warmer) days, as we see the signs of new life all around us, let us once again rejoice in the goodness and faithfulness of our Father God, despite all the darkness in the world right now, and let us commit again to being ‘good stewards’ of His beautiful and wonderful creation.  God is still on His throne, and despite what we see around us ‘in the natural’, behind the scenes He is working out His plans and purposes for all of humanity, for all of creation, and He invites us to co-labour with Him in this exciting venture!

The establishment of a place of rest, reflection, prayer, worship, equipping and so much more at Sannox is part of His plans.  Thank you for the part you play in seeing the vision come to pass!

The Directors of Sannox Christian Centre

Lord, we give You thanks for…..

  • the ‘new life’ that is Sannox Christian Centre, building on a spiritual foundation that goes back not just 200 years but many hundreds of years before that;
  • the faithfulness of the witness of your people ‘planted’ at Sannox down through the generations;
  • the beauty, peace and presence of God many experience at Sannox, not just in the calm, sunny days but also in the wild days of winter;
  • the faithful folk on Arran, in Scotland, the UK and overseas who support the Sannox vision in so many ways – through prayer, volunteering, hosting and financial giving;
  • the people God is drawing into relationship with Sannox, through visiting, attending events, moving to Arran or connecting in other ways;
  • the increasing awareness about Sannox through the media and information circulated to church networks;
  • the many answers to prayer over the years – increasing our confidence that there are more answers to come!

Please pray for…..

  • many new guests to take up the remaining dates available at Dundarroch, and new day visitors;
  • publicity and awareness of the events programme to spread; – especially for the Retreats in June;
  • the Sannox Saturdays, Easter weekend (see below – all welcome), June Retreats, planning of the ‘focus week’  and Arran Open Studios in August;
  • the publicity on Project 200 being prepared to go overseas, including to the Caledonian Society in Canada, and also to the Clan McMillan and Clan Haldane, that these would be a source of valuable, ongoing support – both financially and in other ways;
  • favour on the Manse plans, that the final re-formatting and submission will be completed swiftly and that as these are considered by planning officials there will be no significant delays in granting approval;
  • the other churches on Arran, many of which are going through significant challenges and changes at this time – for the strengthening of positive links between Sannox and local churches;
  • God to open doors to funds from Trusts and other grant-giving bodies to provide the finances required for the Manse renovation, and new regular donors to lay a solid foundation in support of the general running costs;
  • the Directors as they continue discussions with individuals and couples who are sensing a ‘call’ to serve the Sannox vision, whether by moving to Arran or supporting with specific skills etc.  and also as they seek God’s wisdom in strengthening the Board with individuals bringing specific skills or experience.

Sannox Saturdays

The monthly Sannox Saturdays – special afternoons of worship, prayer and occasional teaching – continue on 2 April, 7 May and 4 June.

Easter Weekend

Over the Easter weekend we are taking part in or hosting the following:

  • The ‘Walk of Witness’ in Brodick, starting at 2pm on Good Friday, organised by Arran Churches Together.
  • Prayer walk on Saturday afternoon at 2pm in the Sannox grounds, following installations depicting the stages of the Easter story.
  • Easter Sunday sunrise service at 6am on Sannox beach, followed by breakfast in Dundarroch.
  • Easter Sunday service of praise in Sannox church at 2.30pm.

Residential Retreats

In June there are two residential Retreats led by Roy Searle from the Northumbria Community:

a) Celtic Saints (3 days)          Friday 24th  – Sunday 26th June

Come and learn more about the Celtic Saints and their relevance to our lives today.  Discover more about who they were, where they came from and how they laid the foundations of the Christian faith throughout Britain.  Roy’s own life has drawn inspiration from the Irish, Scottish and Northumbrian saints of old.

b) Celtic Treasures      Monday 27th – Thursday 30th June.

Join us on retreat and explore the treasures which have come down to us through the lives of the Celtic saints, whose faith was shaped on the anvil of an era of major cultural change.  Learn about men and women whose faith had a profound influence on shaping Europe.  Discover the wisdom of their spirituality that can inspire and illumine our lives and the world today.

A separate email with details of both Retreats, including costs and the link to the separate Eventbrite booking sites, will be sent out by 8 April at the latest.  If you plan to attend one or both Retreats, please look out for this coming.

August Focus Week

We hope to run several events for all ages between 6 and 11 August, in the week before the Arran Open Studios long weekend.  Open Studios takes place from 12th to 15th August, and we have offered a ‘reception’ for all artists taking part all over Arran on Thursday evening 11th August.

April Prayer Gathering

Our next Friends of Sannox prayer gathering is at 8.00pm on Monday 4 April.  We look forward to praying with as many of you as possible on Monday.  The login details, which will now be the same every month, are;

Meeting ID: 847 1105 3697
Passcode: 910941

The Sannox Prayer

“Today I choose to stand in this place you have called me to,
And I declare that You are a Mighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Your Kingdom shall endure and will never be shaken.
Open the windows of Heaven and pour out Your promised blessings in this generation.
Revive us, restore us and heal our land.
Thank you for going before us to open the way and remove all obstacles.
Increase our Faith, stir up Hope and keep us grounded and walking in Love.
Thank you that You are creating a dwelling place for God and man here – in Sannox, on Arran, for the nations.

We bless you in the name of Jesus, to receive all that the Father has for you, and we thank you for your continuing support of His work at SCC.  Be blessed and protected in all you do for the Kingdom, in the mighty and beautiful name of Jesus.