Latest News & Prayer Points – September 2019

The Sannox Prayer

“Today I choose to stand in this place you have called me to,
And I declare that You are a Mighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Your Kingdom shall endure and will never be shaken.
Open the windows of Heaven and pour out Your promised blessings in this generation.
Revive us, restore us and heal our land.
Thank you for going before us to open the way and remove all obstacles.
Increase our Faith, stir up Hope and keep us grounded and walking in Love.
Thank you that You are creating a dwelling place for God and man here; in Sannox, on Arran, for the nations.

Dear Friends of Sannox,

Prayer points:


1. Prayer Gatherings

In Edinburgh we will gather on Monday 7 October 2019 at the home of George and Fiona Hazel starting at 8 pm prompt. We will be joined by folks on Arran and across the UK and abroad. We are working with a growing group on Arran who are keen to meet to pray for Sannox. After discussions the group will look to join with prayer gatherings that are already happening on the island. Please join with us in prayer and thanksgiving for what God is doing at Sannox.


2. Restoration of the church and manse

·         Stewardship Loan – The loan process is now in its final stages with the lawyers. We hope to have the money released around the end of October. Continue to pray that all goes smoothly.
·         Completion of the Church Refurbishment – We are discussing the final costs for phase 1 of the church refurbishment. Once that is agreed with our QS/Architect and the contractor we will know how much money we have left to complete the interior of the church. If there is insufficient money we may have to use volunteers working with local professionals. Pray that we are able to complete the restoration of the church.
·         Finances –Please continue to pray for increased giving to cover the monthly cost of the loan. We have had new pledges of monthly giving, which is great, but we need more.


3. Events

6-8 September

We had an amazing time over the weekend with about 13/14 people. Six new songs were written and we are planning to record these in the near future. The group leading music worship is keen to build a resource of songs coming out of SCC that can be accessed by churches and groups. We are also planning other events for worship leaders and more song writing. Please pray for the group as they develop these ideas. If you are interested in joining the planning group and/or have ideas with respect to worship through music please contact us at

Easter Open Day and Rededication of the Church – 10 to 12 April 2020.

We have decided to have our Open Day and Re-dedication of the church on Easter weekend in 2020. Our first event in 2012 was at Easter. This will ensure the church is completed! We are still working out the details of the weekend but it will include a period of 24/7 worship, an open day for visitors from on and off the island and a service of celebration. An invitation will be sent to local ministers and their teams from the island and from North Ayrshire and of course to our Friends of Sannox. Please put this in your diary, come to the event and bring others. Please pray for the Directors as we plan this important event.

Bulb planting for Easter 2020 – 25 and 26 October 2019

In preparation for the Easter 2020 event we want to organize a bulb planting event this October. There is something special about planting bulbs now to see them burst into life next Easter with the refurbished church.
On Friday 25 October between 11 am and 3 pm Corrie Primary School children are coming to plant bulbs.
On Saturday 26 October between 11 am and 3 pm we are inviting the local churches and communities and our Friends of Sannox to come and plant bulbs for Easter 2020.

We need:

• People to help supervise the planting, plant bulbs, serve teas/coffees and welcome people.

• Bulbs and trowels/bulb planters – Note that our local deer do not eat the following bulbs:

– Daffodils/Narcissus (all varieties incl dwarf)

– Hyacinth

– Snowdrops

– Crocus

– Grape Hyacinth

– Fritillaria

– Netted Iris

– Bluebells

• Prayer that this weekend may be a special time for the children and our local communities as they visit SCC, perhaps for the first time.

• For information about accommodation and travel and to tell us you are coming contact

Future Events

Continue to pray for the development of these themes:

·         Alpha weekends, hosted by SCC or self-hosted.

·         Christian leaders and workers retreats offered 3 or 4 times a year as mid-week events.

·         Hosting Open Days to learn about hosting at SCC. Details to follow.

·         “Blessing Weeks” – teaching on blessing, as this is part of SCC values. The first one will be held in January/February 2020. Details to follow.

·         Weekend events of worship, rest and restoration.


4. Marketing SCC

Please continue to spread the word about SCC to your networks and friends. You are our ambassadors. We want to strengthen links with other organisations, such as SU and Pray for Scotland. We are also keen to forge links with churches, so if you are interested in a link with SCC and/or want one of the team to come to your church to tell the story of Sannox then please email Heidi on


5. Pray for the building up of Christ’s community on Arran

God is building community on Arran among Christians living on the island. He is also calling people to come and live on the island and we know of about 6 people who have either moved or want to move to the island. Pray for the Christian community on the island and for the Ministers of the churches that they may know a fresh outpouring of His power and presence.

We bless you, in the name of Jesus, to receive all that the Father has for you and thank you for your continuing support of His work at SCC. May we see more and more people being rested, restored and revived at Sannox in 2019/20.