Latest News May 2018

Latest news and further details:

1. Events at Sannox:

a. Teaching Programme 2018 –The first event took place on Saturday 5 May when David Hill (Leader of Try Praying) led a day on “Creating a Culture that Loves Jesus”. This was attended by around 20 people, so Dundarroch Cottage was full. It was an amazing day and God blessed those who came. Thanks to David for all he shared; it was a special time. The next event, as indicated above, is the first of the Encounter Weekends on 1-3 June led by Dean Norby and Andy Hall entitled “Creating a Supernatural Culture”. The full programme is listed on the web site at www.sannox.organd enquires and bookings can be made through We have also placed an advert in Life and Work for 2 months running in June and July. The cost of this was met by two of our supporters.

b. Arran Open Studios – This event takes place between the 10th and the 13th August 2018. Please pray for Moira and her team as they plan the SCC involvement in 2018.

2. As reported above the Trustees/Directors have made several major decisions regarding the operation of SCC.

a. George and Fiona in particular are facing significant changes in their lives as George takes on the role of Executive Director. The Job Description, Management Structure and Contract are all being finalised and hopefully will be ready for the Board Meeting and AGM on the 9 June 2018. This will mean George will have to reduce his commercial contracts significantly and this will have a financial impact. The Trustees/Directors recognise this impact and have agreed that this should be a paid role in line with similar roles in other charity organisations. This will mean we have to increase our monthly income to support George in this new role. We are pleased to say that the Trustees/Directors were of one mind that SCC now needs an Executive Director to manage the operations of SCC and this has been confirmed by the Lord to George and Fiona in a number of ways. George will work with our staff and volunteers across all the activities of SCC. One of his first tasks will be to meet with our staff and volunteers to develop the best structure and detail the areas of roles and responsibilities. He will also have a promotional role going out to churches and organisations across Scotland and will look to build the next generation of people who will manage and operate SCC. George and Fiona have also committed to spending more time on Arran and already have a house in Corrie. The role will involve helping to build community on the island with those of our supporters who live on Arran and the local churches and organisations. We bless George and Fiona in this new role the name of Jesus.

b. Andy Hall has agreed to become a Trustee/Director of SCC and to be Chairman of the Board. This will relieve George of a major task he currently does and will provide a key link between the role of Executive Director and the Board of Trustees/Directors. Andy brings a lot of expertise and experience to the role. We bless him in this new role in the name of Jesus.

c. We have added John Jackson and Jim Farrell as Members of SCC. John brings a lot of experience and expertise in management and administration in Christian organisations and Jim has a heart to develop worship at SCC. We welcome them and bless them in their new role in the name of Jesus. We also thank Francis McFaul who has had to resign as a Member due to health reasons.

d. Ken Burns has also indicated that he wishes to resign as a Trustee/Director to focus on his role managing the Valdete Trust, which is supported by SCC. Ken is willing to remain as a Member of SCC and to continue the financial duties he currently does for us. Thank you Ken for all the work you have done as a Trustee/Director and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you as a Member and volunteer. We bless you in your work with the Valdete Trust in the name of Jesus.
3. John Jackson has been working hard on our Friends of Sannox database, with respect to GDPR but also to ensure we have an accurate list. We now have around 200 Friends of Sannox who have confirmed they want to remain as Friends of Sannox. This is so encouraging. However, we would like to increase our support base so if there are people you know who may be interested in joining as a Friend of Sannox, would you ask them and, if appropriate, direct them to the Sannox web site at where they can download a Friends of Sannox form. You can also print a form from the web site and give it to the person. If you need help with this please email John Jackson at john@sannox.orgThis will increase our prayer base, give more people the opportunity to hear about SCC and potentially increase our regular giving to enable us to continue delivering the Lord’s plans for SCC.

4. Hosting at SCC – We continue to welcome our hosts to SCC and witness the blessing hosting is to our guests and visitors and to the hosts themselves. Hosting the presence of God is fundamental to what God is building at SCC and we want to have hosts on site all the time. If you are interested in hosting in 2018 we need to hear from you now! Please contact Heidi at

5. Lastly, please continue to pray for the building of Christ’s community on Arran. Pray for the churches and their Ministers and staff and for all Christ’s people on the island that they may experience a new and powerful blessing of His Spirit.

We bless you, in the name of Jesus, to receive all that the Father has for you and thank you for your continuing support of His work at SCC. May we see more and more people being rested, restored and revived at Sannox in 2018.