Rest and Restoration – Fully Booked

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Date(s) - 06/12/2013 - 08/12/2013
6:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sannox Christian Centre

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Rest and Restoration Weekend

6/7/8 December @ Sannox

 Details of the weekend


 Key Principles 

  • It is a time of rest and restoration; we will keep it flexible and simple.
  • This is a new thing that God is creating. We are exploring new things. If we give Him the space and time He will respond and bring rest and restoration.
  • The whole weekend is suffused with prayer and worship – personal and corporate.
  • It will be non-threatening and accessible to all who come. A safe place within the presence of a loving Father.
  • You may come with needs/questions so we will make space and time available to allow God to work.
  • We will offer sessions on creative art, massage, music and prayer that may help you to focus/interpret what God is saying but these are in the background, low key and optional.
  • What is the sound of Sannox?  Sannox is a place of worship so God may give you a new song. We will be there to help with that if required. We will help create a story/song that will blend with other stories/songs which you will take back to your communities where God will continue creating something new.


  • The weekend starts on the Friday at 6.00 pm with a welcome, introduction to Sannox and tea/coffee/biscuits. You can also see round the centre, including all the new developments.
  • At around 7 pm we will have a time of prayer and worship. People will have a chance to write down specific prayer requests and/or requests to take part in creative arts/prayer support/massage/music sessions. You are allowed to change your mind! We will pray for these specific things over the weekend.
  • We end the evening with prayers at around 9 pm.
  • Saturday starts with prayers at 9 am. We will also have prayers at 12.00 and 4 pm. This will be in the church with the bell being rung.
  • The church will be open for prayer all weekend.
  • During the “free time” in the morning and afternoon on Saturday people can take part in creative arts or music, have a massage or request prayer support. These will be going on in the Gatehouse, the lounge, maybe the bell tent if it can be heated, and the small caravan.
  • The weekend will have a break around 4 pm on Saturday to allow those who have to leave to catch either the 4 .40 pm ferry or the 7.20 pm ferry.
  • For those staying over for the Sunday we will have a traditional ceilidh with sharing, praying and worshiping – and having fun  – on the Saturday night. On Sunday there will be prayers at 2 pm with the option of attending a local church in the morning or having a quiet time around Sannox. This time will be unstructured – a time to reflect on what God has been saying.

 Supporting ministries

 These ministries are optional and are there to help you focus or interpret what God is saying to you. They are mainly offered on Saturday morning and afternoon. Prayer support and massage are available throughout the weekend.

 Creative arts

 The session, run by Moira Shirreff and others, begins on Saturday morning after morning prayers with a short time of introductions, Bible readings and thoughts about our creative God.

We then go for a walk and collect items fromthe woods or beach, which we feel drawn to because of shape, size, colour or other reason.

After a time of collection we will come together and share thoughts about each person’s items before discussing how we could create some large pieces of work using the items and other art materials.

It may be at this point that one or several themes may arise.

Some of the artwork could be created inside and weather permitting; some could be created outside -on the beach or the grounds of Sannox.

The completed works could then be included in a session of worship with the musicians later in the day, bringing song and visual expression together. It would be up to individuals to decide if it’s a collaborative or personal piece they produce, even if themes overlap.


There will be two options available run by Jim Farrell and Francis McFaul. The first of these, run by Francis is focused on giving people a vehicle to make a song of the precious words that the Lord has given them. Over the years Francis has delivered classes on creative song writing in a local youth centre so he has a lot of experience of having to come up with chord progressions, melody lines and harmonies quickly. With modern technology these songs can be recorded on the spot so that people have an immediate reminder of what the Lord has said to them.

Jim Farrell will to try to help you to put your thoughts, prayers or significant words or scriptures into song. He will help you produce something ‘singable’ by the end of the day and in addition help you to learn something of how to write praise and worship songs which you can take away. Jim will introduce the skills involved in song writing including things like fitting words to music, finding rhythm in words and how to use the melody to link verses and choruses.


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