Rediscovering the Celtic Saints – A Review

Rediscovering The celtic saints course

Held at Sannox Christian Centre on Friday 19th/Sat 20th April 2013

Led by Rev Roy Searle of the Northumbria Community

The course was attended by 26 people over the two days and there were three sessions – one on the Friday evening and two on Saturday. The first two were held in the lounge in Dundarroch and the final session took place on the beautiful but very cold Sannox beach. 

During the weekend the rhythm of prayer was observed mostly in Sannox Church but on Saturday midday on the site of the Beehive Chapel.

On Friday evening Roy began by introducing us to stories of the men and women who brought the Good News of Jesus to our shores during the 6th, 7th and 8th centuries. They were always on the move, travelling throughout Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales and into Europe spreading the news of Christ’s Kingdom and building community wherever they went.

On Saturday morning we began to discover the rich treasure chest of spirituality left by these saints and how these treasures can still inspire and transform our lives in the 21st century. We heard of their devotion to God through hard physical work and also through corporate and private prayer and worship. Roy explained the importance of the bell being rung to call people to seek God through worship.

Hospitality was another treasure to unpack – we discovered that the gate or door was always open and all were made welcome and honoured as guests no matter what their background.  Their willingness to travel to new places with the Good News – and travelling couldn’t have been very easy back then – was quite awe inspiring.

After a lovely lunch at Corrie Golf Club we headed off to Sannox beach for our last session – one where we were reminded of God’s great love for us and His calling on our lives to serve Him through our devotion to Him wherever He has placed us.

A truly inspiring 24 hours – it felt like three days.

Moira Shirreff

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