The Centre

Physical Characteristics

The centre will be environmentally sustainable wherever possible. This will include its energy use, the materials used for construction and its waste disposal and the use of local materials and labour wherever possible. The centre will seek to achieve high quality in all it does; this applies to the standard of construction, day to day operations and in the way it conducts its services and courses.

A Historical Remembrance

The story of Sannox church and the people of Glen Sannox is unique and this story will be told as part of the proposed centre which carries on this history and heritage. We will, therefore, designate an area within the centre to tell this story through photographs and exhibits. We have made contact with the descendants of the families who emigrated to Canada as part of the Clearances and this will be part of the story told. These families have expressed a desire to be part of the restoration of Sannox church.

Services To The Wider Community

The ancient Celtic Christian communities tended to be the centre of the local community –a source of learning, health care, education and welfare.  There was a clear understanding that the religious life is not only about prayer and worship but about bringing earthy, local change for good. It is important, therefore, that the centre is seen to be part of the community, working with the community, understanding the issues and being part of the solution. Initially we are proposing direct action with respect to an affordable housing fund and community transport but this will develop into other areas as needs arise. For example, there could be a link between the centre and care services on Arran. We will actively work with local government and the local communities to explore such areas.