Core Values and Mission


Community does not come from what you do but the values you jointly hold. For that reason we have developed a number of core values. These are listed below and are foundational to the SCC.

  • A place of worship and prayer, centred on Christ, which uses a daily rhythm of prayer and is open to all.
  • A place of blessing rather than condemnation where mercy overcomes judgement.
  • A safe place where people can be free to relax, spend time with their Father God in His wonderful environment and participate in any activities only if they want.
  • A place of healing, restoration and equipping; a place where people come to be refreshed, restored and returned to their everyday lives, their jobs, their churches. In this sense, as in the Columbian model, it is a place of caring, blessing, teaching and mission.
  • A place open to all, offering God’s blessing on all; a Christian resource free of denominations but soundly based on Christian values and beliefs.
  • A place that is missional in its outlook, training people for service in their local churches and society, applying their gifts for the glory of God and His Kingdom and the benefit of society. The centre will especially seek to be a resource and encouragement to the local Christian churches on Arran and for local churches throughout Scotland and beyond.
  • A part of the local community and a place where the local community can come and be part of the centre’s work. Its facilities, specifically Sannox Church, will be made available to the local community whenever possible.

A place reflecting the values of the Celtic Church; ie a place where the spiritual and physical meet. A place where the economy, environment and society meet with the spiritual. For this reason the centre will be sustainable in every way possible


SCC will offer support and encouragement to local churches in their work and
will do that in three ways – through giving space and time for individuals to meet with God, by equipping local churches and groups through the courses and facilities offered and through supporting local churches in their areas. The SCC is especially committed to the support of the local churches on Arran but also to local churches throughout Scotland and beyond.