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Roy Searle

Arran holds many happy memories for me.  I first came with my grandfather and parents, and   last year, history repeated itself, only this time I’m the grandparent.  My wife and I spent our courting days on the island and in recent years I’ve sailed past the island in the Clyde en route to Ireland.  I’m delighted to be involved in a supportive way with this challenging, daunting and exciting venture.  Whatever metaphor you choose, from walking the ancient paths, repairing the broken altars, re-opening the wells, there is no doubt some spiritual connectivity with what God has done at Sannox and on the Isle of Arran in the past.  It has been for many years a “thin” place, a spiritual place, a place of encounter with the living God.  In an age of major decline in church attendance and a drift away from the Judeo Christian tradition that has shaped so much of Western culture, Christians face many challenges but also opportunities in a new post-Christendom age.  Sannox, for me, provides a place of inspiration and hope amidst these challenges and opportunities; a place of seeking God, worship, prayer, hospitality and creativity.  A place that, rooted in Christ, reaches out across denominations and to people beyond the “walls of the church”.  Celtic monks, who were the first Christians to bring the gospel to the island, brought with them a love of God and a way for living that established Christianity throughout Scotland and beyond.  Whilst faith has waned and the church declined in the ensuing centuries, nevertheless there has been periods of life and growth, seasons of blessing and periods of revival.  Sannox has been part of this history and has witnessed signs of God’s Spirit among individuals, congregations, inhabitants and visitors.  It was famously involved in the Clearances that saw people uprooted and forcibly emigrated, notably to Canada, in the 19th Century.  I do believe that God’s hand has been upon Sannox and that his loving purposes for the place remains today.  I first met George in the prayer garden of Nether Springs and was impressed by his openness to God and his obedience in carrying the vision for such a centre in Scotland for many years.

In helping to establish Sannox and supporting its ministry, I pray that it will serve the renewal and re-imagining of church and be a meeting place, a telling place, that will bless all who come.  I pray that within its boundaries there may be many encounters with the living God and from Sannox, His blessing may spread, bringing hope and peace, light and life to many on the island, through the nation of Scotland and beyond.


James McKay

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John Jackson

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D G Weir

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Jim Farrell

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Ken Burns

Ken was brought up in a Christian family, and soon became very involved in running Portrack Baptist Church in Stockton-on-Tees, eventually as a deacon and church secretary. It was during this period that Ken first met Roy Searle, another Board member, when Roy took up his first pastorate at Portrack!

Later, after moving to Wensleydale, Ken experienced the “Toronto blessing”, became a Kinship leader in the North Yorkshire Vineyard, and after some years,  the pastor of the Dales Community Church.

Ken moved to Arran in 2003, and has been involved in Christian work on the Island, but specifically at Sannox from the beginning.

Ken is married to Jackie, and despite being “retired”, both are very busy, Ken particularly with part time consultancy work as a chemical engineer.

Stuart Yates

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