The ways and values of the Celtic church, as practiced by the Desert Fathers and Mothers in the early centuries of the Christian church and the Celtic missions which operated out of places such as, Whithorn, Iona and Lindisfarne, continue to resonate with many people today.

At Sannox Christian Centre on the Isle of Arran, we have a focus on the three inter-related areas of:

• personal devotion to God,
• hospitality and service to the community, and
• mission to the wider world.

There is a Christian heritage at Sannox going back several hundred years. As we develop a new house of prayer and worship, Sannox seeks to answer the call to rediscover the Ancient Paths and find rest for our souls (Jeremiah 6:16) continuing the ‘song’ God started in the 18th century.

Come and visit 

We are accepting bookings for all rooms in Dundarroch from individuals, couples or any other grouping.  All of our rooms are ensuite.  Guests share kitchen facilities and a common lounge and dining area.  A warm welcome awaits you!
For more information or to book, email admin@sannox.org

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The Vision

The video below was created in 2012, before any renovation work on the existing buildings started.

In the 10 years since the Sannox project began, we have renovated Dundarroch Cottage to provide self-catering accommodation, added the gatehouse and a laundry room, and renovated the former church to provide a modern facility for prayer, worship, teaching and other activities.

The next stages are first to renovate the former Manse to provide more self-catering bedrooms, then to add the new buildings and facilities you see in the video.

Work completed at Sannox so far – October 2022

Work on the former church has been complete, and the residential cottage, Dundarroch, has been renovated to create a comfortable setting for your stay at Sannox.

The video highlights the work completed so far as well as giving you a sense of where and how Sannox sits in the landscape of Glen Sannox by Sannox Bay.  No picture or video will every be able to do it justice, however – come and visit us and see for yourself!


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