Following the easing of Covid restrictions we are now able to accept bookings for Dundarroch from up to 6 people from 3 households, if they are willing to share the kitchen and socially distance in the lounge.

As the regulations change we will update this information, so please do keep checking.  To make enquiries or book – either email admin@sannox.org or click on the Booking tab at the top of this page.


There is a renewed interest in the way the Celtic church operated and the values it espoused. Their ways and values have struck a chord today with many people and have found form  in places in the UK such as The Bield in Perthshire, the Northumbria Community and Ffald y Brenin in Wales. This is mirrored across European places like Taize and Bose. These places have taken to heart the Celtic focus on the three inter-related areas of personal devotion to God, hospitality and service to the community and mission to the wider world as practiced by the Desert Fathers and Mothers in the early centuries of the Christian church and the Celtic missions which operated out of places like, Whithorn, Iona and Lindisfarne. The proposal for a Christian house of prayer and worship at Sannox is founded on these principles.  Sannox seeks to answer the call to rediscover the Ancient Paths and find rest for our souls (Jeremiah  6:16). It builds on the Christian heritage of Sannox and continues the song God started in the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th Century.


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The Vision and plans for Sannox Christian Centre 2012

The Restoration of Dundarroch Cottage Accommodation 2015

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